Top 10 Richest Pop Stars In The World


Pop stars make music adored all over the world, and their lives are followed by the world as well, so everyone knows all about their lavish lifestyles. Indeed, along with all their success come some pretty impressive paychecks, and we have the top 10 pop icons who have worked and entertained their way to sizable fortunes. Take a look at the rewards of being a global celebrity and worldwide music sensation.

10. Taylor Swift – Net Worth $280 Million

Currently raking in more than $80 million off album sales, touring, merchandise and endorsements each year, Swift’s first album, Taylor Swift, has been certified platinum more than 4 times by the RIAA and her 2nd album, Fearless, 6 times in the US! Winner of 6 American Music Awards, 4 Grammy Awards, and 5 CMT Music Awards, Swift is a global star with a constant presence in TV, film, and print media as well.

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