Top 10 Highest Female Money Makers In The World


We often read that women have a way to go when it comes to equal pay and corporate respect. That may be true, but there are those women in the world of business who have made it big, are making big bucks, and are big role models for all other females out there. Check out these 10 women, their education, their careers, and their gigantic pay checks!

Elizabeth Buse ($15,586,076/Year)


Just this year Elizabeth Buse became the CEO of Monitise Plc, a mobile banking technology company, but rose to fame as the Executive Vice President of Global Solutions for Visa where she worked for 15 years; before then she had been at First Data Corp. With an MBA from UC Berkeley as well as a BA in Spanish Linguistics from UCLA, Buse has profited from her bilingual skills as well as stellar resume. Last year she made $15,586,076.

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