Top 10 Greatest Inventions (So Far) Of The 21st Century


Mankind has continued to impress with one invention after another so far this century, and there have been plenty of marvels to behold in the field of technology. Whether for movies, social media, health, and more, minds today are coming up with better and better ways for us to live, move, interact, and enjoy our lives each and every day.

10. Google’s Driverless Car

Guess the natural off-shoot to Google Maps was a Google Car which could get you to your destination! This driverless Toyota Prius equipped with radar sensors, video cameras, and laser range finder was the world’s first driverless vehicle and traveled 140,000 miles problem-free. Driverless technologies were first developed in the military, but Google is the one who is applying it to busy city streets! The hope is to create a safer system of transport and fewer accidents.

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