Top 10 Wealthiest American Presidents Ever


Presidents of the Unites States are seen as luminous figures and usually associated with vast amounts of wealth. In fact, history has proven that American presidents have had quite large fortunes though they have not always been wealthy from birth nor even accumulated their money before or while serving in office. Quite often it appears that their fortunes did not always last. Take a look at the briefs on the 10 richest US leaders.

#10 Franklin Delano Roosevelt –┬áNet Worth: $60 Million

This happy president enjoyed a massive amount of wealth which he attained through inheritance as well as via marriage. Along with his famed 800-acre Springwood estate, FDR owned properties in Georgia, Maine, and New York. Spending most of his life in public service, Franklin had served as assistant secretary of the Navy before becoming president. Funny note: his mom had to bail him out of financial problems in 1919.

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