The 23 Movies That Made Hollywood A Billion


Hollywood is a big business. We’re talking billion-dollar big. What’s really shocking though, is the fact that there are 23 films which have made more than $1 billion. Sure, there have been thousands of films made by Hollywood, but the fact that over 20 have created such a massive box office impact is indeed impressive. Here are the billion dollar club movies, in ascending order by the total gross amount of each.

The Dark Knight (2008): $1,004,558,444

Dark KnightrChristian Bale came in as Batman with a whole new twist to the super hero; no longer did he always have the perfect answer or a wise crack. The self-tormenting portrayal to one of America’s most beloved characters was a huge hit with fans everywhere as well as at the box office. Of course, the fact that the deceased Heath Ledger played the Joker was another draw for audiences. Both performances were iconic and the studio took it to the bank big time!

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