Success and Happiness: What IS the Difference?


What is the key to success? Is it the A+ we get from our exams? Is it being accepted by an Ivy League college? Is it getting our dream job? Is it getting a promotion we’ve always wanted? Is it meeting our ideal partner and starting a family with them? Is it having a stable life and job so we can retire someday?

If we have achieved all of these things does that mean we are successful? It may seem that our grandparents have been on this road and made it through. But each of us takes a different road and some roads are too rough for us to drive.


If we are already successful, the next question is… Are we happy? Is success really a recipe for happiness?

If being successful means being happy, then does it mean the richest people in the world are happy? Does it mean that the famous socialites and celebrities are happy?

I believe that success and happiness are two very different things.

Success is something we can achieve if we work so hard for it. We get satisfaction from it.


Helpful Tips on Your Way to Success

  • Start NOWAre you waiting for something before you begin? There is no harm in starting now or you might miss opportunities that are waiting for you. Don’t waste time.

  • Improve Social Skills – a quote from Confidence Code said “Taking action bolsters one’s belief in one’s ability to success and so confidence accumulates-through hard work, through success and even through failure”

  • Always think like a WINNER thinking positively always works in any aspect of life. Attitude is a huge part of success. See the glass as half-full and aim for situations in which there are no other options but aiming high.

But it does it really make us happy in the long run?

Happiness on the other hand, is being content. We can find happiness if we open our minds and look at things differently while appreciating even the tiniest thing we have. It is sad how people tend to mix these two up where in they are completely different from each other.


Helpful Tips on Your Path to a Happy Life

  • Value Happiness – Happiness just like everything else, can be learned, but looking for the meaning and the purpose of your life is what leads to it. Not the other way round.

  • Live for TODAY Do not live in the past, you are not going there. If you open your eyes and see what today can offer you, you will realize why it is called “present”

  • Don’t Compare Envy can make people very unhappy. How can you focus on your own way to happiness if you are too busy looking at someone else’s life?

  • Stop WorryingIt may seem difficult, sometimes impossible for people to think but it is just a matter of perspective and priorities. If you focus on being worried about things in your life, how will you focus on the best part that is yet to come? Try and convince yourself that everything will be fine even if it may seem impossible. You might be surprised how beautiful life can really be.

Most people, who want to be successful in life, believe that their way to the top is by working hard and staying focus on their goal. But once they are there, they realize it doesn’t really make them happy. Yes it made them feel proud of themselves for reaching for the stars, but at the end of the day, they will realize that something is still missing.

Worst case scenario is that they would be frustrated trying to figure out what it is and working themselves to death because they think they could try and be more successful than they already are.

We all have one thing in common, and that is having the same goal. We may not realize it but in everything we do on our everyday lives, in every star we want to reach, it all falls down with one thing. And that is being happy. We may find it in different ways but who cares right? Who are we to judge?

Everyone can say “I am successful.” once they have reached their goals, but not everyone can say “I have succeeded in finding my happiness.”

Everyone knows what the tips and tricks are when it comes to success, but not everyone knows the perfect recipe for happiness.

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