The Richest Sports Clubs In The World


It’s not just star athletes who make a lot of money; the teams behind those players are banking it big as well. From merchandising and ticket sales to media rights, brands around the world cater to the big business world of sports entertainment with fans eager to show their loyalty and be present for their team. Here are the top 10 richest sports clubs, and, no, number one is not soccer!

Washington Redskins: $2.4 Billion

The Washington Redskins have not exactly been winning bowls lately nor impressing NFL fans, but they have been getting plenty of press for non-football reasons, namely due to owner Dan Synder. The biggest headline came when Snyder refused to nix the offensive “Redskins” name despite numerous calls to do so. The name’s gonna go, so what a disappointment the owner of this $2.4 billion franchise couldn’t make the play to do it himself!

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