Top 10 Most Lucrative Dogs In Hollywood 


Yeah, they’re man’s best friends, but in some cases, dogs are also man’s best money makers, mainly due to the fact that at the end of the day the dog can’t use the dough! Here are 10 dogs who made some fabulous stories which Hollywood took to the bank. These box office figures are definitely nothing to bark at.

Marley From Marley & Me – $242.7 Million

2Marley & Me was a 2008 hit with a record of $14.75 million in ticket sales when it opened on Christmas Day. Following 14 years of life’s ups and downs for John and Jenny plus the dog they adopt when they make a move to Florida from Michigan. No less than 22 different yellow labs played the titular dog, Marley. The total budget for the flick was $60 million, and the box office brought $242.7 million.

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