Most Incredible "Rags to Riches" Success Stories Ever


A lot of rich people out there didn’t really have to do much in order to earn their money. Mostly, they were lucky enough to be born to the right family. Others, however, were born to nothing but with the help of their skills, brains, hard work, and determination, have created empires all on their own. We found 10 incredibly inspiring stories of people who made it big, their way, with plenty of struggles along the way.

J. K. Rowling

Rowling was a single mother living off of benefits and unable to afford heating when she penned the now famous Harry Potter series. And then there was the fact that her first drafts were continuously refused, twelve times to be exact. But today Rowling stands tall with Harry Potter ranked as the best-selling book series of all time. The first author ever to attain billionaire status, over 400 million copies of the series have been sold in more than 200 countries. Her own personal net worth is $1 billion, and the Harry Potter brand is purportedly worth a cool $15 bil.

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