7 Jobs With A ‘Loser’ Reputation and A ‘Winner’ Compensation


They may not sound so luxurious and maybe you don’t think you would be caught dead being employed to do some of these jobs, but take a look at the pay of these 7 jobs, and you may change your tune as well as your occupation pretty darn quick.

Running A Hot Dog Cart – $100,000

Guess it seems kind of difficult to sit out under the sun or in cold winter weather, but in fact those hot dog vendors don’t have it so bad. With an average income of $100,000 a year, these guys have been known to take in as much as $1,150 over a busy weekend. Hot dogs are yummy and convenient, and they sell well! One vendor near New York’s Central Park Zoo has to pay a whopping $289,500 a year to NYC’sĀ parks departmentĀ for his location, and he still makes a profit!

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