9 Famous People Who Left Their Kids Out Of Their Will


They are rich and they are famous, but these celebrities have decided against leaving any of their fortunes to their children. Given the privileges their kids have already been given and will continue to enjoy, these celebrities have made the decision that there are too many other needy children in the world and projects which could benefit far more from their millions. Bravo!

Bill Gates – Net Worth: $79.2 Billion


The founder of software giant Microsoft will be leaving the majority of his money to various charities. On a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Bill Gates came out and stated that inheriting huge amounts of money from him would do his children no favors. Many have applauded this move, and other billionaires have been inspired to also use their wealth for good causes. Gates will presumably leave most of his fortune to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which funds many charitable causes around the globe.


The next billionaire is the one who inspired Bill Gates to donate his money!

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