10 Celebs Who Know How To Handle Their Money


We often see the luxurious lives of the stars with fancy cars, huge mansions, and designer duds. But, do they all spend money so freely? No, not all, and some are downright penny pinchers. Here are 10 celebrity big shots who have often grown up poor and learned the value of a dollar. They may be professional actors and musicians, but they also know a thing or two about money and how to save it.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah wants to be able to take care of both herself and her mother who raised her all alone and helped her get to where she is today. An admirable daughter and a smart one too! Today she takes a number of steps to make sure her funds are preserved as well as possible; these include using coupons, shopping at Bloomingdale’s on double rewards days, and using reusable bags at Whole Foods in order to be given discounts.

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